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Symphony of Silk and Metal

Symphony of Silk and Metal

by The Aces of the Silk Road

The sound of a metal drum vibes in harmony with a bamboo flute…

A traditional tar finds a new groove in textures of a synthesizer…

Ethnic dance steps melt in the modern choreography…

Let’s celebrate the reinvigoration of the historical Silk Road!

A journey of thousands of years…

Symphony of Silk & Metal is a social responsibility project of ACE Warehouse and Lojistics Company.

This art performance brings Turkish, Chinese, Iranian, Kazakh and American musicians and dancers together, Project premiered during the London Metal Exchange week, and proceeding performances were held in istanbul, Shanghai and Almaty. 

hop designed brand identity and the printed materials for the project. 

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Symphony of Silk and Metal by the Aces of the Silk Road trailer

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