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It took us a hop, skip, and a jump to get here.


If you’re curious to know where the name “Hop” came from:


We’re two designers who have worked in the advertising industry for over 10 years. We spent days and nights

hopping from project to project for dozens of top brands,

creating countless designs and winning awards.


Then, one day, we hopped into each other’s lives!


The first thing we did was to remove the barriers between client and designer. We took on each project fully confident in the power of working individually and maintaining constant communication.


We’re ready to work with anyone

who’s willing to “Hop” to it

so their brand stands out from the rest.


hop is an interdisciplinary design studio working on graphic design, branding and visual communication founded by Hande Demiray and Pınar Paçacıoğlu in 2014. Their work cover a wide range of skills in the fields of art direction, brand identity, printing, typography, editorial design, packaging, digital media, web design, motion graphics and many more.

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